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CSoft IFRS9 is an innovative and expedient system for expected loss provisioning. The system has been developed according to the specifics of the latest International Reporting Financial Standard – IFRS9, facilitating the day-to-day work of banking experts and contributing for impressive optimization of the provisioning process.


CSoft IFRS9 enables completely automated estimation of provisions for credit losses. This helps in optimizing the process of provisioning.


Depending on your preferences, you may calculate the expected credit losses for different reporting intervals, while comparing results with externally-stored data.


With our system, you might perform easy and fast parameterization of an infinite number of simulations for various provisioning models.


CSoft IFRS9 has been developed to save time and efforts throughout the credit loss estimation process. Hence, you enjoy all the perks of an intuitive graphic interface.


No matter the specifics of your organization’s core banking system, CSoft IFRS9 secures fast and easy data transfer.


To help you manage a flawless credit loss estimation process, CSoft IFRS9 allows access to comparative analyses ready for print and export in xls and pdf.



asset data import

The CSoft IFRS9 system calculates the impairment amount by analysing customer, assets, collateral and other type of data from the core banking system. This data is crucial for the successful completion of the automated process that includes specification of default status, staging and expected credit losses calculations. You may perform the import directly via the core system’s database or transfer it from an xlsx/ txt file.


defining a default status

The default status is a characteristic of each asset and participates in determining the asset’s stage. This status can be determined automatically in the CSoft IFRS9 system. Alternatively, you may import the status from any external core banking system. Following the default status definition, assets can be provisioned via various test simulations. Then, you select the test simulation, which will be marked as final and exported for publishing in the core banking system.



CSoft IFRS9 allows you to form unlimited number of portfolios from various criteria such as: Asset type; Currency; Code of group of related persons; Product; Contract amount; Client type; External and internal credit rating of the customer; Residual period by time intervals; Collateral type; Client industry; Geographic location; Interest rate as of the contract signing date.


Import of input parameters

The system imports data about 12m PD, Lifetime PD, LGD, and CCF at the portfolio and individual asset level. You may apply rough data or make use of average weighted values. The files imported in the system are in xls format with a template provided by CSoft. The imported and calculated weighted values of the input parameters for the assets with individual evaluation can be viewed in specialized registers. All imported values can be edited, the weighted value of the corresponding parameter being automatically calculated.



The staging of assets verifies whether the asset meets the predefined criteria. The criteria for each stage are verified consecutively, starting from the worst one (Stage 3). The phase set by the system is recorded in the asset data. Each asset might be assigned to one of the following stages: Stage 1 – Performing;  Stage 2 – Under-Performing; Stage 3 – Non-Performing. It is up to you to determine the criteria and the terms that place a certain asset in a given stage.


calculation of expected credit losses

At this final stage, the CSoft IFRS9 system calculates the expected credit loss amount for each asset. For that purpose, we use the weighted values of 12m PD, Lifetime PD, LGD, and CCF that have been assigned to the asset’s portfolio. You may then export the files with data about the assets and calculated credit losses, which will be uploaded in the core banking system. For further convenience, the CSoft IFRS9 system grants access to references, various comparative analyses, regulatory queries and other helpful options.


CSoft is a leading developer of high-tech banking and finance software solutions. With over 25 years of experience on the Bulgarian market, we owe our lasting success to the efforts of our united team of professionals and the attention we pay to our clients’ specific needs.

Throughout the years, we have built a reputation of a trusted partner to the leading banking financial institutions in the country. VCSBank, our integrated core banking system, is adopted by all branches of Postbank, Bulgarian Development Bank, Municipal Bank, International Asset Bank, as well as by TBI Bank in Bulgaria and Romania.

Out products and services guarantee business benefits such as:

  • High technological level of operations;
  • Rich functionality and seamless integration;
  • Flexible products designed for easy parameterization and scalability;
  • 360-degree solutions: consulting, implementation, data transfer, maintenance, and staff training. 

All CSoft products enable the transfer and analysis of massive bulks of financial data.  As a result, we deliver impressively high speed of online applications processing and significant optimization of all internal technological procedures. We take pride in the success of our development for parallel operation of up to 10 application servers. Our team has also introduced a proprietary technology for the maintenance of system cache at application server, which increases the banking systems’ operational speed levels.


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